E-education in India another facet of Elitism ?

The future is in E Education. The scope, prospect and viability.

People the Country Forgot

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``Newspapers are dying, Television is sick, Long live Social Media``

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সভার সতর্কীকরণ: বুদ্ধিজীবীরা সমাজের পক্ষে ক্ষতিকর, তাদের থেকে দূরে থাকুন !

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Film and Television Lack Creativity, Not Cash

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বাঘের মতন বাঙালির ও কী সংরক্ষণ প্রয়োজন ?

CDC - Lake Club Bengali Debate | 2016

বাঙালি দু ভাগ, তাই দুর্বল


Calcutta Debating Circle is a non-profit making organization based in Kolkata which works primarily towards encouraging healthy discussions and interactions based on contents and perspectives for the overall benefit of the society. The Calcutta Debating Circle strongly believes that the students are to be energized with the objective of strengthening the foundation of their development.

Debate is a method of interactive and representational argument in a structured form where the speaker seeks to prevail in matters of opinion over his audience.

Debating is a stylized form of expression that is gradually fading away from our educational institutions, with the image of the debater being tarnished by political frivolity in the guise of parliamentary democracy. Yet, debates are great fun, both for participants and the audience.

Over the past seven years the Calcutta Debating Circle has invited students from the leading Universities from across the world like Oxford (UK), Cambridge (UK), Harvard (USA), Yale (USA), EMORY (USA), University of Sydney and London School of Economics, Harrow School (UK)  to Kolkata to participate in exhibitions and competitive debates. In order to continue the tradition of hosting such events and enriching the vibrant cultural heritage of Kolkata the Calcutta Debating Circle has endeavoured to.

Mission Statement

To promote and popularise debating as an art form in both in schools, universities and in other walks of public life.

To help train students, corporate professionals and interested speakers in this special form of public expression.

To enable local audiences to be exposed to the leading public speakers and debaters from across the globe.