Kolkata’s first ever Inter-School Urdu Debate Competition 2018

Kolkata is among the first cities in India to extend debate beyond the English language.

Kolkata hosted Bahas-o-Takraar, its first-ever inter-school debate competition in the Urdu language on 7 October 2018.

The 23-school competition to be hosted at Aliya University (Park Circus) was a collaborative initiative of Calcutta Debating Circle, Rehnuma e Niswan and Urdu Lovers’ Group.

The motion of the debate is a subject relevant to every student of today:

“Smartphone ne ki student ki zindagi barbaad”

(Smartphone has destroyed the lives of students)

The Inter-school debate in Urdu is as decisive step of CDC to democratise the platform of debate in Kolkata – India’s debate capital – from English to vernacular languages.

Considering the fact that the students from 23 Urdu-medium schools would be exposed to debate for the first time ever, we have taken care to handhold the participants through focused debate workshops. During the debate workshops, we intend to expose students to recorded debate clips in English that could serve to inspire the students as well as conduct simulations in Urdu language between two mock opponents.